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Related post: Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 nymphet erotica chill 01:10:34 -0500 From: Adam Irwin Subject: Reaching Out imagevenue nymphet jpg wild nymphet tgp Disclaimer I do not know *NSYNC or any one affiliated with them. I wish I did, but I don't. Everything in this story is fiction, meaning I made it up. It all comes from my head. nymphet 13yo pics -------------- extreme small nymphets young nasty nymphet This is my third story on Nifty. I hope that it will be my best one, since I should nude polish nymphets be able to grow as I write. I'm hoping that the readers I had in my past stories, will enjoy this story as much as nymphets in panties they did my last. pt beautiful nymphets tgp illegal nymphets You can e-mail me with feedback at my new e-mail address tiny angel nymphets -------------- russian nymphet video little nymphets cp non nude models nymphets Reaching Out --------------"Uh, Josh?" The tiny voice coming across the phone line was barely audible. At first JC didn't think their was any one nymphets sexy nude their, but at the familiarness of the voice, worry kicked in."What's wrong Justin?""I'm kinda in ah, um, jail.""YOU'RE WHERE?" He regretted yelling, he knew nymphets thongs Justin hated it. But he couldn't hold it in, he was pissed."I'm sorry." Once again the tiny nymphet pic gallery voice returned, and JC barely heard it again."No, no Justin. It's okay. Just tell me how you got their and what I african angel nymphet need to do to get you out.""I don't know." Justin started to break down over the phone, and JC felt himself having a hard time staying calm. He wanted to scream at Justin, and to comfort him at the same time."Alright, I'll be their in half an hour. You're at the Orlando Jail, right?""Ahuh." Justin mumbled."I'll be child nymphete model their as quick as I can." And with that the phone conversation ended, JC hung up and quickly rushed out the door, his coat and keys in his hands. He thought about calling the other guys, but he didn't have the time to do it.-------------"That's the third time they haven't answered in twenty minutes. I wonder where they went.""I don't know Joe, maybe they fell asleep early." Lance reasoned with Joey, as they watched a movie. At the same time, Chris and Dani sat snuggled together on the other nymphettes portal couch, busy nymphet models nude watching each other instead of the movie."They knew they nymphets russians were suppose to come over, how could they forget?" Joey questioned, getting annoyed that his friends had stood him up."Have you tried Josh's cell phone? He takes it every where." xxx russian nymphets Lance laughed at the question. He knew Joey had tried that number yet, and he found it funny that he would have forgotten. JC was never without that phone, he took it every where in case of emergencies."Whatever Lance. I'll call now." Joey picked up the boys and nymphets phone and dialed the number. He waited for five rings, before JC's answering service picked up. "No answer their too, ukrainian nymphets free I guess they are sleeping." Joey replied to himself in a rejected tone. "They're gonna get it tomorrow. They promised we would all watch a movie.""Shut up Joe, and just enjoy the movie." Lance threw a pillow at him, and the movie resumed. Little did any of them know, that Justin and JC were not sleeping.---------------"Um, I'm here to bail out a Mr. Justin Timberlake." JC approached an officer at the front desk calmly. He didn't 18 yo nymphets want to lose his temper, or his cool before he saw Justin."You the guy he called?" The officer asked without even looking up from his paper work."Yes, can you tell me how much it is to bail him out?""5,000 dollars." The policer officer answered, still not looking up from his paper work."5,000! nude thai nymphets What did he do?" JC asked astounded by the price, he had now best underage nymph lost his cool."Drinking and driving, speeding, and reckless endangerment. You're lucky we aren't holding him over night. If he weren't in the spotlight, we would have." JC was by now more nymphets illegal sex then just pissed. The officer hadn't once looked him the eyes, and JC was becoming annoyed with that too."Alright." JC nymphets magazines replied as calmly as he could. He took out his check book, and real nymphets from russia scribbled out the price required. "Here."The officer took the check and smiled. "Right this way." JC followed him, keeping his distance as he followed. His slow walking gave him a chance to think about what he was going to do to Justin. He was startled out of his thinking, when the guard slid open a door. The cell asian nymphette fuck was only holding Justin so he walked out quickly, and stared at JC. svens forum nymphet "We've revoked your license, it'll be a year before you are driving again. Other then that you are free to nymphet pictures cp go. We won't tell the press about the incident, this time."Justin shook his head, but he spoke no words. JC knew his friend too well, and he knew the model nymphette second Justin got out of the nylon nymphets distance from the guard that he would be crying again."Thank you officer." nymphet models bbs JC smiled, and walked back the way he had come. Justin followed sloly, neither of nymphet top lists them saying anything to each other.As tiny nymphets dark collection soon as they were in the car, the silence became awkward. JC refused to turn on the radio, and Justin didn't object or even try to do child nymphets pic it himself. His hangover was still in effect, and the music would only end up hurting his head."I'm sorry." JC wanted to take Justin in his arms right their. junior nymphets His best friend was free nude nymphettes sitting next to him crying, apologizing. But he kept driving, not even looking over at his friend as he spoke."Justin, you really fucked up. How could you do something that stupid? What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all?""I'm sorry...." Justin was now sobbing, he had nothing to say besides that he was sorry."I know, and we're are going to talk about this when we get back to the house." That was it, the conversation ended after that. The car ride home was silent, no music, no underage nymphets links voices, only the sobs from Justin's throat as he cried his face in nymph model nude his hands.---------------"Sit down, I'll make us some coffee."Justin did as he was asked, taking a seat on the couch in the living room. His sobbing was quieter, but it was still evident. He nymphet dreams sat still, crying and sobbing.It must have taken ten minutes before JC returned with two cups of coffee. He sat down next to Justin, and handed him the other cup. Justin took it, but just held it. He didn't drink, he didn't even look up. He couldn't even look JC in the eyes, so he remained crying, facing the floor."Justin, tell me what happened." In a normal situation, JC would have let Justin cling on him and cry. But in this situation, he couldn't. He didn't want to, he was to upset to let Justin off that easily."I'm sorry Josh." Justin mumbled the apology again, for one of the numerous exotic nymphet times that night."I know Justin, I know. Now tell me what the hell you were thinking. Explain to me how you could have been nymphet picture nude so stupid. What if the police weren't nice enough tonight? What if they told the papers? Your rep would be ruined." All the questions came out with anger and frustration. Justin continued to cry as JC yelled at him."I don't know Josh. I'm fucked up. I'm sorry.""Sorry young nymphets nn doesn't cut it Just. You are going to get yourself in deep shit if you don't smarten up.""Please don't hentai nymphet yell at me." Justin's voice come out in a whisper, and it frightened JC. He never meant to hurt Justin."I'm sorry Justin. You have to understand that you seriously fucked up this time." JC apologized, and set down his cup of coffee. He took the cup that Justin little models ukrainian nymphets hadn't even touched yet and set it down next to his own cup. He scooted over, and wrapped his arms around Justin pulling him into a hug."I'm sorry Josh, I'm ukrainian nymphets ls sorry.""It's okay, we'll talk about it in the morning." Justin clung to privat nymphets models JC tightly, sobbing into his shoulder.---------------"Where were you two last night?" Joey asked the man on the lia nymphets anal other end of the line."Justin fucked up big time. I had to bail him out young nymphet images of jail." JC replied, as he drove down the busy streets."Why was he nymphet girl sex in jail?""He got caught drinking and driving. I paid the bail, and his license has been revoked. They let him off easily, they knew he was famous so they cut him a free archives nymphets break." JC explained, as he turned into a nymphet imageshack jpg parking lot. They had the rest of the month off, they had basically been given all of December off, but JC nymphets and boys needed time nymphets pic movie to think and the studio was the best place for him to do that."Is he okay?""Yeah, I guess. But right now that's not my concern. Their's something young sex nymphets up with him. He's been nymphet model photos distant lately, even with me. This is the last straw, after I think about this, he's erotic nymphettes gonna have explaining to do to cam young nymphet nude me.""I noticed that nymphet b too. Usually Justin never goes out to a club, and it's not like him to go by himself." Joey himself had recently started to notice that Justin was avoiding them. He knew that Lance had started to notice too, and he was sure that even Chris had probably taken notice of it as well. But it was JC that was always right when it came to Justin. They were so close, and if any one would know that underage naked nymphets Justin was withdrawing from the group, it would be JC."I gotta go Joe. I'm gonna lay down some new vocals, or write a song or something for the new cd. I just gotta get some things out of my head.""Alright Josh. Call me after you talk to Justin. I'm sure the rest of the guys will want to know what's going on.""See ya""Bye Josh." Joey little nymphet cunt hung up the phone, setting it down on the counter of his kitchen. He walked back to the table and took a seat next to Lance. Chris and Dani were busy innocent nymphettes nymphettes innocent eating waffles that she had made, while Lance was reading the newspaper. He figured that none of them had probably paid attention to the conversation he had been having with JC. "Justin was in jail last night.""That's nice, did he have fun?" Joey became agitated with the question quickly. No one in the room was even paying attention to him."Did you guys even hear child topless nymphets me?" He asked with impatience in litlle nude nymphet his voice. Lance set down his paper, and kicked Chris from under the table. Both Chris and Dani stopped eating and looked up at Joey."Sorry, now what did you say?" Chris asked with mock need to know. Joey just rolled his eyes at him."I siad Justin was in cute russian nymphets jail last night. JC had to bail him out, that's why they didn't come over." This time all of them had heard, but none of them knew what to say to that."Is he okay?" Dani spoke first."Yeah, he's fine. But he's so stupid. He's lucky that he's fine. He nymphetsmagic was picked up for drunk driving. Josh payed the bail, and brought him home. He said that the police were easy on Justin because he's famous. I don't know what's gonna happen to him though, I mean, I guess his license was revoked, but I don't know how long." Joey told them the only details he knew, and resumed watching their shocked faces."I'm going to kill that brat." Lance spoke first, his deep voice showing anger in it. "I can't believe he would do that. Jesus, I bet he doesn't even realize what he put Josh through when he called him. I can't even imagine how scared Josh was, damnit. He doesn't even know how self-centered he can be some times."No one at the table knew exactly what Lance was talking about. They listened to him talk to himself, until they dark list nymphets figured they could cut in to ask him what he was talking about exactly."Uh, Lance, what do you mean he's self-centered. He got drunk, that doesn't really make him self centered." Chris was the first to question the conversation Lance had with himself."Nothing, nothing, I promised Josh I wouldn't say anything." This just made Chris question it more, and teens nymphette Lance's face was a good nymphets met tgp sign that he was going to give it away."Come on Lance, we are all close. If you know something we don't, you have to tell us." Chris used the friendship kds baby rompl nymphets card to play a guilt trip with Lance, which pre nn nymphet usually worked bbs nymphet thumb out in the end."Fine, but you guys have got to promise ls nymphet fairyland you won't tell anyone." Lance caved easily this time, Chris smiled and they all shooked their heads. "I know I'm not Josh's bestfriend, none of us can 5 yo nymphet even compare to Justin, but when I say this you'll understand why he told me and not Justin.""Lance, would you just tell us the fucking secret." Joey was getting impatient, and he let his frustration come out."When Josh came out to being bisexual, he didn't tell all of us every thing. I mean, he told me, but he didn't tell anyone else. Josh has had a crush on Justin since the Mickey Mouse Club. And with the stunts that Justin has been pulling lately, I wouldn't be surprised if Josh was going insane on the inside, and just keeping up that strong front as not to hot nymphets let on.""No way! Seriously, you mean Josh has a thing for Justin." Joey's words caught every one off guard. He was never prone to shouting things out, so they were all a little confused by littles nymphets porno free his sudden outburst."Joey, you can't tell anyone. Not even your sister or brother." Lance had to say it, because Joey never kept a secret from his sister Janine, or his art nymphets portal models brother Steve. But this was a case where he would have to keep the secret."Well, I mean, their's kinda this secret that I know. But I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. It doesn't really solve anyone's problems, because I don't know what's wrong with Justin. But he told me about four months ago, that well, he's kinda confused 'bout something. He thinks he pussy nymphets might be having feelings for Josh." Joey told the secret, his words nude nymphet pics coming out choppy, because he wasn't sure what to say and how to explain it."He nude nymphets ukrainian is even more self-centered then I thought. How could he do those things to Josh? I mean, if he thinks he might like him, then how could he do all that to him. Ya know, I mean, Josh is a strong guy, he's always been the strong bbs nymphets vombat one out of all of us. But when it comes to Justin he'll do anything. And for Justin to be so stupid, I nymphets really young just don't understand what the hell he was thinking that night." Lance didn't care for the explanation that Joey had behind nymphets models rapidshare Justin. It didn't make up for the things he had done."Maybe we should set the up. I mean, maybe that's whats been bothering Justin. He might be lonely." Chris suggested, hoping to steer away from a fight that he could tell was about to ensue between Joey and Lance. --------------- naked young nymphets TBC..... --------------- little nymphet sex bbs If I get enough response, I will continue this story. I am hoping I get responses, because I really enjoy the ideas that I already have for this story. Just let me know by sending an e-mail to me at nymphet angel site -------------- I just want to suggest a few stories if any one gets bored one day, and wants a new story to read. I suggest... 1. Brian and Justin - nymphet kid sex pictures it's the first story I read when I found Nifty, and although I am a Justin and JC fan, I love this story the most. 2. Josh and Just - I love this porn nymphets pics story, obviously because it's about Justin and JC. little non nude nymphets beauty nymphets galleries nubile nymphets porn 3. Josh and Curly - Same reason as above. 4. The Beauty - A friend preeteen naked nymphets of mine writes this story, its about Justin/JC, and Joey/Lance. A big surprised happened in the last chapter, if horny child nymphet you like suspense I suggest nymphet pussy pictures that you read it.
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